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Bunker Escape is a first person escape game which puts you in the shoes of  Vasily Durpichov a hiker out in the Siberian wilderness, who is forced to seek shelter when a terrible storm strikes the area he is travelling through, in his frantic search for shelter he stumbles across what appears to be an abandoned bunker entrance. Looking to get out of the elements he enters the bunker, pushing the large vault like door open, upon entering it slams shut behind him trapping both him and the player inside.

Use your deduction and problem solving skills to make your way through the Bunker and figure your way back out into civilazation. 

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
AuthorNathan Tubb
Tags3D, Atmospheric, bunker, Escape Game, escape-room, Mystery, Singleplayer


Bunker Escape 349 MB

Install instructions

1. Create a custom folder for the game

2.Unzip  using 7zip or WinRar inside that folder 

3. Launch the "BunkerEscape" Application Executable

4. Enjoy


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I have searched everywhere, but this lever has beaten me

the lever can be found but you must get passed a certain locked item/container in the level to obtain it 

Solid game. Interested to see what else this developer makes in the future.


Really well made escape room, took me quite a while, highly recommend.