A downloadable game

The rules of the game are simple, keep santa alive as long as you can by jumping between the endless platforms. Collect as many coins as you can along the way to show just how proficient you are. To assist in this study please make your best attempt each time you play, for the duration of the experiment. The Experiment lasts approximately 10-20 minutes or 18 ingame attempts.

Once you have completed the experiment a promt will appear on the screen guiding you to the next part of the study, please complete this before you continue playing. 

Player Survey (to be completed after playsession only) :  https://forms.gle/1iA3cX1m964rE6X4A

Install instructions

To run the game please move the downloaded zip folder to an area on your computer such as a games folder or desktop

Next extract contents of the zip folder using winrar or 7zip

To launch the application, open the extracted folder and  double click the .exe file (the one with the picture of santa)


Santa Run Case Study 28 MB